Supermarket catalogues are becoming more and more popular, as supermarkets delve into new areas of products, such as clothing, kitchenware, electrical appliances and a whole lot more. The problem many supermarkets concern themselves with when considering a catalogue campaign is how many catalogues to produce and how often.

Catalogue Solutions can help you create effective and affordable catalogue campaigns that are catered to the needs of your business and the expectations of your audience. Each catalogue can be supported by other marketing material such as flyers, leaflets and posters; and Catalogue Solutions can help you with all aspects of your marketing material, as well as your supermarket catalogues.

Supermarket Catalogues and Effective Campaigns

Supermarket catalogues will only work providing they are twinned with an effective marketing campaign. Catalogue Solutions can help you with every aspect of your marketing and catalogue campaign, from the designs to be used, to implementation strategies.

Supermarkets generally generate a huge amount of foot traffic, so it’s important that you choose a catalogue designer that can speak to a varied audience. You also need to know that the catalogue campaign progresses according to the preplanned schedule. With such huge volumes of supermarket catalogues needed, you need to know that your printer can produce the quantity needed, without any delays.

Catalogue Solutions provides an all inclusive catalogue design and publication service, which can help you with every aspect of your catalogue campaign. The more services you use, the bigger the discount will be to your final invoice. This helps you to keep your catalogue project all under one roof while developing a catalogue campaign that is affordable and effective.

Consistency Between Catalogues

A supermarket develops a strong sense of individual brand and identity. For some supermarkets, this identity is based around the commitment to the customer, for others, it’s based around the principle of great value for money, or high quality.

Each different catalogue will need to support and promote the identity the supermarket has. However, each new catalogue design needs to have a degree of consistency; throughout the content of the catalogue and throughout each catalogue design.

Only with consistency in design and style will you slowly develop your identity and increase awareness within your target audience. Catalogue Solutions will create advertising designs that appeal to your audience, while helping you to reinforce your identity using consistent design and strategies.

At the same time, Catalogue Solutions will carry out performance tests on all supermarket catalogues and designs once they have been released to the audience for an established period, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of each design as a whole, as well as the effectiveness of each individual advert and product featured in the catalogue. This allows Catalogue Solutions to make informed yet considerate changes to future catalogue designs, in order to make each new catalogue design more profitable than its predecessor.

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